The Native Web 3.0 Blockchain Phone, now available through the Store

The Native Web 3.0 Blockchain Phone, now available through the Store x HTC

EXODUS 1 is a next-generation device that combines the usability of the smartphone and the security of a hardware wallet. With Zion Vault software, the user can easily buy, receive, and store crypto assets on the phone without the risk of hacking and other forms of malware.


Storing crypto on your phone: what's the big deal?


Most app-based wallets (where you automatically store your newly-purchased crypto) is always connected to the internet and therefore susceptible to hacking and stealing. With EXODUS 1, it is more than meets the eyes. Under the hood, we use the best hardware and software technologies to create Zion Vault - the perfect wallet with an easy-to-use software integrated with on-board hardware security.

How is it secure?

Zion Private Vault

The Zion Vault uses the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to protect your private keys and sensitive data. When signing transactions, the TEE activates and temporarily isolates the operating system so that all your data is always safe.



Trusted UI

The keyboard is prone to attacks from malware and fake interfaces trying to phish your information. The trusted UI uses the TEE to guard your assets and sensitive data.



Store Cryptocurrencies

Over 100 cryptocurrencies supported

Activate Zion Vault anytime with just your fingerprint

Buy crypto and automatically secure them onto the built-in hardware wallet

Buy crypto with fiat or trade crypto to crypto directly on your phone.

Send, receive, and easily organize your crypto.


Easy backup

What if you lose the phone? We have designed the EXODUS 1 so that you can recover your key with more than one method so that you don't have to worry about losing your crypto.

12-word seed phrase

Social Key Recovery

Even if you lose your seeds, let your trusted contacts help recover your key with our unique recovery mechanism.

Interested in all of the details?




6.0” Quad HD+ display with 18:9 aspect ratio






12MP + 16MP main camera with high quality zoom

8MP+8MP dual front camera with natural Bokeh




3D audio recording quality and Sonic Zoom with Audio Boost



HTC BoomSound™ Hi-Fi edition

HTC USonic with Active Noise Cancellation



Liquid Surface


Edge Sense 2 for one-handed convenience



Android O. Will upgrade to Android P

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845



128GB - UFS2.1 Storage

Fast charging support