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CRYPTOTAG - Starter Kit (Thor)

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Space grade titanium to protect your funds. The most indestructible solution on the market from CRYPTOTAG.
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Ready to level up your security?

The CRYPTOTAG Starter Kit stores your recovery seed in the safest and most accurate way possible. Each kit comes with all you need to hammer your seed into your indestructible, titanium plate.

Try as much as you like, this thing is not breaking.

The patented CRYPTOTAG system consists of all the components that you need to store your crypto. So what does it include?

  • Two CRYPTOTAG plates
  • Mjölnir, The hammer
  • An anvil
  • Letter bits from A to Z + a bit holder
  • Earplugs & Matches



    A house fire or a flood could mean you lose your hard-earned crypto stash. The CRYPTOTAG is waterproof, resistant to corrosion and can withstand temperatures up to 1665°C (3029°F). Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, this product is the ultimate in seed phrase protection.

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    The Cryptotag is the finest, most durable mnemonic seed storage artefact on the market. There are others made of steel, others with sliding tiles, and some titanium plates on etsy.

    The Etsy plates are sub 1mm and bendable by hand. The cryptotag plates are 3mm thick each and bullet proof.

    Buy this kit knowing our menmonic seed can be passed down many generations without data loss.