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Ballet Wallet - REAL

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REAL is a non-electronic physical cryptocurrency wallet, with multicurrency support, providing 100% offline cold storage. It comes in a variety of finishes, each with a different primary coin, allowing for direct deposits.

Ballet Advantages

  • Ballet securely pre-generates the wallet private keys for product simplicity.
  • Accessible to anyone, anywhere, regardless of age or background.
  • No account, no setup, no KYC procedures.
  • No logins, no passwords, passphrases, or PIN codes.
  • 100% offline cold storage. No risk of hacking.
  • No artificial thresholds or limits on deposits and withdrawals.
  • Always retain access to your funds in the future.
  • Never be at the mercy of a third party’s control.

2-Factor Key Generation

What it is

For the private key generation and production of our physical wallets, Ballet adopts an industry-first 2-Factor Key Generation (2FKG) process. To access the funds in your wallet, you would need both the encrypted private key (EPK) and the corresponding wallet passphrase. However, both the EPK and wallet passphrase are engraved on the Ballet cryptocurrency wallet itself. The proven BIP 38 industry standard powers this time-tested and secure technology.

How it is produced

During the manufacturing and production process, these two vital components are generated separately, on different devices located in different geographic locations (different countries and jurisdictions, thousands of miles apart). This data is never transferred electronically, and never copied, duplicated, or backed up onto any other storage device. This also means that our employees will never come into contact with all of the necessary cryptographic key information. Thus the capability of others decrypting or stealing funds from the Ballet physical wallets is eliminated.

How the encryption works

Physical separation ensures these two sets of critical encryption data will never ever come together on the same storage device or computer system. In fact, during the key generation and product manufacturing process, this data is never electronically combined together. Only on the physical wallet itself will ever come together for the first time in a physical form. This will happen when the wallet passphrase is laser etched onto the wallet next to the QR code sticker, which already contains the printed form of the encrypted private key. Thus your actual wallet key decryption is virgin, and it will never have been decrypted.

Send your cryptocurrency by decrypting your wallet private key:
  • 1. Scratch off to reveal the wallet passphrase.
  • 2. Peel off the top layer QR code sticker.
  • 3. Use the Ballet Crypto mobile app to send funds. (You can also use any other BIP38 compatible software to extract the private keys to access your funds.)

QA process

To ensure that each wallet can be decoded properly, we use BIP 38 verification technology to verify and check the confirmation code data for every wallet that we manufacture. To increase our assurance, we will also spot check wallets during the QA process by physically opening a wallet to extract the two secret components, and test the electronic decryption.

Ballet guarantee

We are the first company to implement this patent pending 2FKG manufacturing process for non-electronic physical wallets. It is a multinational, double-blind, bifurcated key generation process that ensures the highest safety standards for private key generation and encryption. This is the ultimate level of safety for the complete offline and cold storage of your cryptocurrency assets. The groundbreaking 2FKG production process ensures that the confidential and critical private key data will never be comprised during the hardware manufacturing process, giving you a much deserved peace of mind.
Multicurrency Support
Ballet Crypto mobile app supports activation of additional coins. Fees may apply.
Material: Stainless Steel
Size and Weight
Weight 35 g
Top layer sticker size 42 x 35 mm
Bottom layer sticker size 34 x 27 mm
Thickness 1.22mm
Environmental Requirements
Please avoid common hazards such as fire and corrosive chemicals, or anything else that can cause damage to the top sticker or the wallet itself.

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