The Store Leaderboard

Invite your friends. Climb the leaderboard. Win prizes.

Yes, it really is that simple. The Store leaderboard runs to the last day of each month and whoever finds themselves in the top positions by then is in line to receive some amazing prizes!

Think discount codes, Bitcoin swag, hardware wallets and maybe even a piece of Bitcoin art here and there.

The best part? It can be all yours just by inviting your friends to sign up to our newsletter.

The June Leaderboard Prizes

 Positions Prizes
20 - 10 20% Discount Code + Bitcoin Stickers
10 - 6 20% Discount Code + Bitcoin Pins x2
5 - 4 Bitcoin Stickers, Bitcoin Pins x2 + Bitcoin Socks
3 - 2 BCH Gang T-Shirt + Bitcoin Pins x2
1 KeepKey HardWare Wallet, BCH Gang T-Shirt + Bitcoin Stickers + Bitcoin Pin