How do I order?

  1. Visit the gift card collection of the store. 
  2. Select your chosen gift card amount and quantity.
  3. Go through the checkout process as normal.
Please ensure you enter the correct email address, which you have access to. This is the email address your gift card code will be delivered to.

What happens after I’ve made my order?

You will immediately receive an order confirmation email stating your exact order with us. 

We require 6 confirmations to release your gift card (30-60 mins on average). As soon as your transaction has been confirmed 6 times, we will automatically release your gift card to you. This will come in the form of an email.

Why are 6 confirmations needed to release my code?

This is required to process orders by our payment provider. However, we are working to reduce the confirmation amount as we believe less confirmations ensures safe transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Where can I use my Amazon gift card?

All Amazon gift cards are region specific. The gift cards will clearly state which Amazon site they can be used on. For example, gift cards can only be used at and will not work on They are not redeemable on different Amazon stores.

Will you be releasing other gift cards?

We are working hard to increase our gift card selection! We are always open to your suggestions, please do reach out to us via Twitter and let us know which gift cards you’d like to see next.

What do I do if I have questions?

If you have any questions about gift cards or experience any issue at all with your order, please reach out to us by via store at (replace "at" with "@") and one of our support team will be happy to help you.