Select from the best bitcoin debit card providers on the market.

Consumers who have savings or earnings in bitcoin can spend them literally anywhere and on everything using bitcoin debit cards.

The beauty of this solution compared to the one offered by bitcoin merchants is that instead of convincing businesses to accept bitcoins, crypto lovers now have the opportunity to spend bitcoin within the traditional financial infrastructure.


Wirex, also known as E-Coin.

In addition to the traditional plastic USD/EUR/GBP Visa cards that are already out and being used by multiple clients all over the world, E-Coin has now released virtual bitcoin debit cards to be used for online payments globally.

E-Coin charges a service fees of $1/month.

Other fees are similar to other cards – costing 3% for international transactions, $2.5 for ATM withdrawal and $17 to get your physical card shipped to you.


More coming soon.